Monday, April 30, 2012


Have you guys checked out the FlyerOnFire page?  It is a great tool for searching through flyers quickly.  If you are looking for a specific item just put it in the search bar and they will tell you all the places that have it on sale at that time and what the prices are. 

If you check it out keep your eyes open for the FrugalMeFrugalYou advertisement!!

Weekly RCSS Grocery Shop April 30th

Here is the breakdown of my weekly grocery shop.  Can you believe I didn't use any coupons!  BUT I am planning a large coupon shop this week at walmart so keep yours open for that post :)

7x crispers = regular $3.19 PM walmart $1.00ea (saved $17.33*)
6x christie crackers = regular $2.99 PM Rexall 2/$3.00 (saved $8.94)
olive oil = regular $6.49 sale RCSS $3.00ea (saved $3.49)
2x kool-aid jammer = regular $3.49 PM food basics $1.67ea (saved $3.75*)
5x minute maid punch = regular $1.29 PM walmart $0.60ea (saved $3.45)
3x orange juice = regular $3.27 sale RCSS $1.98ea (saved $3.87)
vanilla = $2.99
4x bread = regular $3.19 PM giant tiger $1.58ea (saved $6.44)
chicken = regular $13.76 PM No Frills ($1.89lb) $5.97 (saved $7.79)
apples = regular $1.49lb PM FreshCo $0.88lb = $2.74 (Saved $1.90)
sandwich meat = $10.00
bananas = $2.44
green beans = regulr $1.97lb PM food basics $0.97lb = $0.83 (saved $0.86)
2x blackberries = regular $2.79 PM food basics $1.44ea (saved $2.70)
3lb bag carrots = regular $1.98 PM no frills $0.99 (saved $0.99)
cilantro = $1.49
3x cucumber = regular $1.28 PM no frills $0.77 (saved $1.53)
ginger root = regular $0.99lb PM no frills $0.87lb = $0.12 (saved $0.02)
limes = 4/1.50 PM farm boy 10/$1.99 (saved $1.76)
tomatoes on the vine = regular $1.68lb PM food basics $0.88lb = $1.05 (saved $0.95)
mini watermelon = regular $3.48 PM food basics $1.97ea (saved $1.51)

Subtotal = $75.37
HST = $1.34

Total Retail Value = $143.99

Total out of Pocket = $76.71

Total Saved = $67.28

*including HST

Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Milk

Picked up $69.80 worth of Milk today for FREE!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekly Grocery List April 27th - May 3rd

Here is a list of what I like from the flyers from April 27th - May 3rd.  Please note that flyer deals vary by region, so not all of the prices listed here will be valid at all stores.
Click Here to view my list

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Milk

Loblaws and Independent both have Trutaste 1L milk on sale this week  (1%, 2%, skim, strawberry and chocolate) for $1.00.  Use your Trutaste $1.00 printable coupon and your milk is FREE!

(under grocery items)

Shoppers Drug Mart Tear Pad Coupons

Since we were finding all these new coupons at Metro we decided to check SDM, here is what we found.

More Metro Tear Pad Coupons

This morning I was out getting some work done on my car and there was a large Metro right next door, so the girls and I decided to check to see if we could find more coupons.  We were in luck, this Metro had a few different ones that we didn't find yesterday.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Websaver Hidden Coupon Portals

Here are some links to some hidden coupon portals on

Click Here for Kelloggs coupons
Click Here for a Bisquick and a Chex cereal coupon
Click Here for Jamieson coupons 

FREE glade expressions fragrance mist holder

Click Here to get your FREE glade expressions fragrance mist holder.  It is through the Websaver page so remember you need to select at least 3 coupons.

Metro Tear Pads

Today I ran into Metro as I had heard there were some new tear pads and I found lots!  Here is the list of what I found at my local Metro.

  • Mott's Fruitsations + Veggies  save $0.50 exp August 31, 2012
  • Nutri-Grain Superfruit Flavours 295g save $0.50 exp September 30, 2012
  • Bicks Products save $1.00 when you buy 2 exp December 31, 2012
  • Van Houtte Coffee 225g and up save $2.00 exp July 31, 2012
  • Febreze Fabric Refresher save $1.00 exp July 31, 2012
  • Head & Shoulders save $1.00 exp June 30, 2012
  • Janes Chicken save $1.00 exp July 15, 2012
  • Nestle Pure Life Sparking any 2 1L bottle or 6x500ml case save $0.50 exp December 31, 2012
  • Energizer Batteries save $1.00 exp May 31 2012
  • Free Earth Pack Trident Compostable Gum Bottle when you buy any 2 participating Kraft Products exp April 30, 2012
  • Becel Pro-Active save $2.00 exp December 30, 2012
  • Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups save $0.50 exp June 30, 2012
  • Bicks Relish Product save $0.50 exp December 31 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Grocery Shop April 21st

I decided to wait for my shop till today, as I usually do it on Fridays, but wanted to take advantage of the no tax at RCSS today.  I had been saving up some coupons to use, and was happy that I was able to get most of what was on my list. 

A couple of notes: I picked up the resolve that is on sale at Walmart but didn't realize I grabbed the wrong kind, and neither did the cashier.  For the garlic the sale at Food Basics was for a 5 pack, since RCSS does not have a 5 pack I got 2 of the 3 packs for the sale price, also for the Colgate I was not given the overage they only put the coupon in as $0.99 not $1.50, I then donated the 8 boxes to the kids that were collecting for the food bank.  The chicken coupons were buy an Old Elpaso Taco kit and save $4.00 on Chicken.

2x Taco Kit = regular $4.49 sale RCSS $3.33ea (saved $2.32)
Yogurt = regular $5.98 PM Food Basics $2.84ea (saved $3.14)
2x Pickles = regular $3.87 PM Fresh Co $1.99ea (saved $3.76)
Cashmere = regular $12.99 PM Food Basics $4.88 (saved $8.11)
Cheese = regular $8.99 sale RCSS $4.97 (saved $4.02)
2L Pop = regular $1.97 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $1.97)
Febreeze Noticable Warmer = regular $4.29 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $4.29)
2x Cheerios = regular $4.29 FreshCo $1.99ea (saved $4.60)
Ketchup = regular $3.97 PM Sobeys $2.99 (saved $0.98)
Quaker Oatmeal = regular $3.49 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $3.49)
Kraft BBQ Sauce = regular $2.29 sale RCSS $0.97ea (saved $1.32)
Iced Tea = regular $3.97 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $3.97)
Miracle Whip = regular $4.37 sale RCSS $2.97ea (saved $1.40)
Philidelphia Cooking Cream = regular $4.29 + FPC $0.00 (saved $4.29)
6x Resolve = regular $6.49 PM Walmart $2.00 + coupon $2.00 = $0.00ea (saved $38.94)
3x Ragu = regular $2.49 PM No Frills $0.97ea (saved $4.56)
Popcorn = regular $3.79 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $3.79)
Sour Cream = regular $2.49 sale RCSS $1.88 (saved $0.61)
Tostitos = regular $3.27 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $3.27)
Trop 50 = regular $4.67 + FPC = $0.00 (saved $4.67)
Babybell = regular $4.79 PM No Frills 2.99 + coupon $1.00 = $1.99 (saved $2.80)
Sandwich Meat = $5.83
Buns = $2.69
Tortilla = regular $2.99 sale RCSS $2.00 (saved $0.99)
Chicken = regular $23.57 PM Food Basics $13.19 + coupon 2x $4.00 = $5.18 (saved $18.39)
Apples = regular $1.28LB PM Food Basics $0.64LB = $2.62 (saved $ 2.62)
Broccoli = regular $1.76 PM Loblaws $0.99 (saved $0.77)
Mini Cucumber = regular $3.49 PM FreshCo $0.99 (saved $2.50)
Green Onion = $0.69
Garlic = regular $1.38 PM Food Basics $0.48 (saved $0.90)
4x Grape Tomatoes = regular $2.00 PM FreshCo $0.99ea (saved $4.04)
Tomatoes on the Vine = regular $1.26LB PM Food Basics $0.88LB = $0.71 (saved $0.31)
8x Colgate = regular $4.29 PM SDM $0.99 + coupon $1.50 = $0.00 (saved $34.32)
3x Lever 2000 Bar Soap = regular $2.99 PM Food Basics $1.64 + $1.00 coupon = $0.64ea (saved $7.05)

HST = $0.00 (saved $5.57)

Total Retail Value = $252.94

Total Out of Pocket = $69.18
Total Saved $183.76

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beauty and Grooming BrandSampler

Click Here to get your beauty and grooming sampler.  There are 3 samples you can get.  Even though I had registered before I had to re-register and then was able to get the samples without a problem.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Olivieri Coupon

Click Here to get your Buy one Get one Free Coupon from Oliviere

Weekly Grocery List April 20th - 26th

Here is a list of what I like from the flyers from April 20th - 26th.  Please note that flyer deals vary by region, so not all of the prices listed here will be valid at all stores. 

Click Here to View my List

Saturday, April 14, 2012

SDM 20x the Points March 14th

Today is SDM 20x the points event and I was very excited to do my shop this morning.  Especially because I found out that there is a SDM near me that Price Matches.  So my sister and I headed out this morning and were able to get almost everything on our lists.  FIRST thing we did was a transaction to buy a $50.00 gift card to get the extra 500 points, then used the gift card to pay for transaction #2.  Lots of coupons and great deals to be found today.

Transaction #1
Gift card = $50.00
Points = 500

Transaction #2
5x dove body wash = regular $6.99 sale SDM $5.99 + coupon $2.00 = $0.99ea (saved $30.00)
Eggs = regular $2.79 sale SDM $1.99 (saved $0.80)
Bagels = regular $3.69 sale SDM $2.99 + $1.00 coupon = $1.99ea (saved $1.70)
2x Kashi Crackers = regular $2.99 + $2.00 coupon = $0.99ea (saved $4.00)
2x Cheerios = regular $4.99 PM Food Basics $1.97ea (saved $6.04)
Purex = regular $7.99 PM Independent $2.99 + $1.00 coupon = $1.99ea (saved $6.00)
8x Fleecy = regular $7.99 PM FreshCo $2.97 + $1.00 coupon = $1.97ea (saved $48.16)
2x Irish Spring = regular $7.49 PM Independent $2.99 + coupon $2.00 = $0.99ea (saved $13.00)
3x Pop = regular $5.99 PM Rexall $3.33ea (saved $7.98)

Subtotal = $44.57
HST = $7.50

Regular Points = 720
Bonus Points = 13,680
Total Points = 14,400

Total Spent = $52.07
Total Saved = $117.68
Total Points = 14,900

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Coupon Song

My girls love coupons just as much as me!

Weekly RCSS Shop April 13th

I made it over to RCSS today for my weekly shop, but am very excited for my 20x the points shop at SDM tomorrow!  My shop today wasn't to big but I did pick up a few items to add to my "gift" box.  I am always looking for discounted items to add, and now that my daughter is in school and getting invited to lots of birthday parties I am really trying to get my stock up so I always have gifts on hand that I got on a deal.

3x Astro Smoothies = regular $4.69 PM Walmart $2.97 + $1.00 coupon = $1.97ea (saved $8.16)
Milk = regular $5.99 PM Loblaws $3.99 + coupon $1.00 = $2.99 (saved $3.00)
Sandwich Meat = $7.00
2x Bread = regular $3.19 PM No Frills $1.97 (saved $2.44)
Hamburger Buns = regular $2.99 sale RCSS $2.00 (saved $0.99)
Ground Beef = regular $15.06 PM Metro $7.75 (saved $7.31)
Hotdogs = regular $3.49 PM Metro $1.99 (saved $1.50)
Bananas = $1.45
Broccoli = regular $1.28 PM Food Basics $0.77  (saved $0.51)
Carrots = regular $1.68 PM Walmart $1.27 (saved $0.41)
2x Cucumber = regular $1.28 PM No Frills $0.67ea (saved $1.22)
Potatoes = regular $3.99 sale RCSS $2.88 (saved $1.11)
Lettuce = regular $3.99 PM Loblaws $2.00 (saved $1.99)
3x Dolls = regular $16.99 clearance RCSS $ 8.49ea (saved $25.50)

Subtotal = $66.73
HST = $3.31

Total Spent = $70.04
Total Saved = $54.14

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things Engraved Giveaway

All you have to do is "like" Things Engraved on Facebook click on the "Special for Mom" tab at the top then follow these instructions.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Grocery List April 13th - 19th

Here is a list of what I like from the flyers from April 13th - 19th.  Please note that flyer deals vary by region, so not all of the prices listed here will be valid at all stores. 
Click here to view my list. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Grocery Shop April 9th 2012

I hope that everyone had a great Easter.  On Saturday I decided to just go do a little shop for our family dinner and save my larger weekly shop for Monday.  I don't know about you guys but we will be having lots of Ham leftovers this week!

I shopped at 3 stores this week, here is the breakdown for my SDM, RCSS and Loblaws shops.

2x Honey = regular $7.49 sale $3.99ea (saved $ 7.00)
Milk = $4.25
Thinsations = regular $3.49 sale $1.99 + $0.75 coupon = $1.24ea (saved $2.25)

Subtotal = $13.57
HST = $0.00
Points = 140

Total Spent = $13.57
Total Saved = $9.25

4x Bulls-Eye Sauce = regular $3.80 sale $1.99 + coupon B1G1Free = $0.99ea (saved $11.22)

Subtotal = $3.98
HST = $0.00

Total Spent = $3.98
Total Saved = 11.22

Cottage Cheese = regular $2.99 PM Food Basics $1.99 + $1.00 coupon = $0.99 (saved $2.00)
3x Simply Orange Juice 2.63L = regular $6.79 PM FreshCo $2.97ea (saved $11.46)
Dinner Rolls = regular $3.49 sale $2.48 (saved $1.01)
Gala Apples = regular $1.27LB PM No Frills $0.79LB = $2.99 (saved $1.82)
Bananas = $1.99
Green Beans = regular $1.47LB PM Walmart $0.77LB = $0.41 (saved $0.37)
2x Broccoli = regular $1.48 PM No Frills $0.87ea (saved $1.22)
2x Celery = regular $1.68 PM FreshCo $0.79ea (saved $1.78)
2x Cucumber = regular $1.28 PM Walmart $0.77ea (saved $1.02)
1KG Bag of Kiwi = regular $2.99 PM Walmart $1.97ea (saved $1.02)
2x Strawberries = regular $2.98 PM No Frills $1.44ea (saved $3.08)
6x Creme Eggs = regular $0.98 sale $0.44 (saved $2.58)

Subtotal = $30.12
HST = $0.34

Total Spent = $30.46
Total Saved = $27.36

Total Spent = $48.01
Total Saved = $47.83

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Grocery List April 6th - 12th

Here is a list of what I like from the flyers from April 6th - 12th.  Please note that flyer deals vary by region, so not all of the prices listed here will be valid at all stores.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brandsaver Coupons

The new coupons are available at right now.  Head on over and get them, limits on the order are; max 32 per order min 4 per order.  If you order 32 and want more just go back and order again :)  BUT remember Brandsaver is always coming out with new coupons, it is a good idea to leave some unordered as when a new one comes out you need to order at least 4 coupons at a time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coupon for Minute Maid

Save on your next purchase of Minute Maid Juice Bars and Soft Frozen Lemonade.  Fill out the form and your coupons will be mailed to you, one form per household.

Purex Giveaway

In honor of Earth Day Purex Canada is giving away 22 bottles a day, for 22 days, of Purex Natural Elements.  All you have to do is like them on facebook then follow their link to their website and fill out the form to be entered in the contest.

Free Nordica Cottage Cheese

Profile Picture
Nordica Cottage Cheese is giving away free samples on facebook.  All you have to do is like their page then click on the welcome offer tab at the top of their timeline.  It will take you to where you can order your coupon.

Sample Source Freebies is offering free samples again!  There have been some problems with the page, as so many people are trying to get on there, so be patient.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Free Sample of Honey

Li'l Honeys is giving away free sample packs of honey!  All you have to do is like them on facebook and fill out the form.  Promotion runs from April 2nd - April 30th, or until supplies last.  One sample pack per person, per email address, per day.  Grab yours while you can.

Doormat Project

I have been wanting a doormat for my front door for a very long time but was not loving anything I saw in the store.  I wanted to add interest and colour but keep it simple at the same time.  I looked around on Pinterest and found this doormat on and I new it was exactly what I was looking for.  Pretty, simply, colourful and I could create it myself ... with a little help from the hubby :)

We headed to HomeDepot and bought a long piece of pine, rope, a clear coat spray to protect from the elements then we went looking for paint.  We were checking for the mis-tints as that is a great way to get a lovely colour at a very discounted price.  My husband stumbled across a large bucket full of small sample bottles of paint for $1.00 each!  We grabbed one of every colour (two of the ones we really loved) and headed home. 

Craig cut out the planks for me (he used about half the board) and drilled a hole in the sides near the top and the bottom.  From there I put a coat of primer then 2 coats of colour.  I am happy to say I still have a ton of paint left in the containers and am searching for new things to add colour to.  I then sprayed all the sides with the clear coat three times. 

The last step was to feed the rope through the planks and tie knots.  I measured out just over 6 feet then I separated the rope so I had three individual pieces, I used two of them.  I then fed them through, both at the same time, pulled them tight and tied very tight knots.  I could not be happier with the end results.

 Not only was it exactly what I wanted but I got to make it myself, there is something so satisfying about creating something out of nothing. 

The other thing I like is that the total cost of materials was much less then the other doormats I was looking at and it will last a lot longer then any of them would.  If the paint needs to be refreshed all I need to do it cut the rope, repaint and then retie. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Craft Area Project

Something happened this weekend in our house, we woke up on Saturday morning and we hit the ground running.  It felt like Spring and to me Spring means change, we have a lot of projects that we have been talking about doing and Saturday everything just seemed to fall into place.   With the warm weather on it's way (fingers crossed) I know we will be spending more time outside then in so to me it is very important to have the inside of my house clean and organized.  I don't want to be stuck in my house cleaning when the weather is nice! 

The first area we wanted to tackle was our kids craft area in the kitchen, here is what it looked like before the makeover.

We borrowed the table from my parents while they were in Florida for the Winter to see if it would work for us in the kitchen.  The girls loved the little table and I liked that they had a little table to do their colouring and crafts on.  But it was a mess, the drawings were out of control and they made a huge mess everytime the sat in the area.  Plus all their crayons and papers were taking up room in our pantry, so something had to be done.  A trip to IKEA and using items we had at home we transformed the area into a perfect craft spot for our girls.

Mason Jars are perfect for holding craft items and look cute too

Here is the area now ...

The table, stools, shelves, rail with containers and wire basket is all from IKEA.  The board on the wall in magnetic, I got it at a garage sale last year for $0.50.  I covered it with wrapping paper, so I can change it if I want.  The mason jars I already had along with all of the craft supplies.  The white baskets are from dollarama, I loved these ones from IKEA but I liked the price of the dollar store ones a lot better. 

I am excited about all the other projects that are going on in our house, and will continue throughout the month, so stay tuned for many more projects.